Closure of SMYLe

Due to extremely unfortunate circumstances, SMYLe shuttered its doors…forever…in October 2018, after 10 years in operation (over 14 years of Michael working with the kids of Dobsonville, Soweto).

Sadly, one key factor was a lack of external funding (aside from Michael’s business – IRAS).

However, the main issue was that while Michael was cycling over 6 000 km on a 2-month cross-Canada fundraising attempt for SMYLe, the current (at the time) leadership team stole and/or destroyed more than R80 000 of instruments while totally disregarding their employment obligations. This was not the first time in 10 years this had occurred, but by far the most catastrophic.

While this is most disappointing for me and many kids in Dobsonville, I sincerely hope SMYLe had a positive impact while it lasted.

Sincere regards,
Michael H Rea